About the project

10 students from “Grigore Moisil” National College were sent in Spain to study new competences such as editing official texts, processing images and even creating WEB pages.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by ERASMUS+ employees, that grouped them into teams and put them in touch with the companies that accepted them as pupils.

Not just work!

After the working hours in the morning, where students learnt from professionals how to edit and process certain information, ERASMUS+ employees organized for them cultural visits in both cities Cordova and Granada, including a visit to the legendary castle Alhambra


Alhambra Castle in Granada

Free time!

Finally, after exploring the cultural part of Spain, the scholars were given free time to relax and enjoy the city in the evening, offering a spectacular show of light.

Cordoba bridge at night


In the end, the scholars spent 2 weeks in Spain, gaining experience through working in a company and learning not just computing skills,but also gaining knowledge about the vast culture of Spain.

The scholars outside of Alhambra, along with their teacher