Ioana Popescu

I am Ioana Popescu, and this past summer I was part of an Erasmus+ project that took place in Spain in two cities, Cordoba and Granada, where my colleagues and I spent one week in each city.

I was most impressed by the drastic change from Romania to Spain, in the glimpse of the moment i found myself in a realistic fairyland . The impressive architecture and the overall art that is displayed on the streets had my eyes open wide from the first moment to the last.

Both cities have an outstanding cultural value in my opinion, I learned so much from the places I saw, the people I worked with and the ones I met on the streets. I am very happy that I had this opportunity to visit these cities, because they really deserve to be seen.

Daniela Toader

My name is Daniela Toader, and this summer I took part in an Erasmus+ project and I had the opportunity to visit Spain. I stayed two weeks in Cordoba and Granada. I can say that I was very impressed with what I saw. The sights, the people, the food and most important the culture I have encountered really opened a new perspective on how I view things.

In essence, these two cities are amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful that I saw them. Everything that I saw has an input on me from now on and I think I have discovered a new self there.


Firouzi Arian

This past summer I had the opportunity to be part of an Erasmus+ project. Alongside my colleagues and an incredible teacher, we traveled to Spain in the Andalusia region, in two cities for two weeks, one in Cordoba and the other one in Granada.

Both cities provide an outstanding sight, an amazing architecture with a vast historical and cultural treasure that is represented by the places I have visited. I learned so much from there and from the people I encountered. These cities deserve to be visited by anyone, being able to find entertaining attractions while still be surrounded by great culture where you can discover a lot, I can guarantee they surpassed all my expectations.

Vlad Ivascu – Spain through my eyes

This educational mobility proved to be a fantastic experience, from my point of you. First of all, I had the experience to meet new people, Spanish people and even Romanians that were working there and I had the chance to talk to them and tell me stories about the culture and the society. Besides socializing, the employees from the companies in which I’ve worked for the time being, were more than king to guide me and teach me new techniques to complete my tasks.

Teodora Popescu

This summer I had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ project that helped me learn more about Spain and the european community in general. We travelled to both Cordoba and Granada.

Spain has many monuments and attractions but out of everything that we visited, Mezquita, a cathedral of Cordoba, was the one that impressed me the most.

The entire settlement is huge. The first thing that caught my attention were the walls that surrounded the cathedral because on the first day we arrived we passed nearby. The walls have one watch tower attached (if I remember correctly) that really stood out and made me think “Hmm, this might be interesting…”.

So the next day we entered and oh my, I was completely overwhelmed by anything really. The inside of the mosque has these signature columns that give you the impression of infinity. There are 824 of them and they’re all different in some way.

After you pass through these columns you get into some more interesting rooms where people come and pray. The majority of the walls are white but they have some black statues and decorations and some gold accents that completed the sight. Another thing that I remember was the dome which wasn’t painted like you see in most of our churches but it was extremely detailed. You can see how much care was put in every inch of this monument.

The building is very old. It’s construction started in 785 AD, it extended between 848 and 961, it got doubled in 987, then many arhitects contributed and added many things until the late of 18th century . At some time this church was supposed to be demolished but king Charles V opposed this and saved Cordoba’s most precious gem.

Because it is placed in the middle of Cordoba’s historical center we passed nearby almost everyday admiring it. I’m glad I had the opportunity to see this magnificent building .